This Weekend #2

Monday, April 07, 2014

This weekend has marked the one week countdown until the end of my last ever term at university, and my move back home.
It is all a little bit crazy, and it doesn't quite feel as though it's happening!
It's been a quiet weekend, mainly due to the fact that on Tuesday I have to hand in a draft of my dissertation, so I've spent most of my time tapping away at my laptop, I'm close to the end now, and it's all so exciting!
I did make time to go out for a little bit of lunch with the girls, and we headed to The Burger Joint, which if you're ever in Bristol, be sure to check out because their burgers are phenomenal!

You get to build your own burgers at The Burger Joint, and to do this you fill out a little form which is so much fun, and very much like playing cluedo, and hand it to your waiter. I love this, I think it's my favourit part of going to this restaurant, apart fromt the food of course!

The food was delicious, and I went home feelive very full, but with a very happy tum!
As a final little treat, I had a slice of my homemade caramel coffee cake, I tell you that stuff is what dreams are made of!

What have you been up to this weekend?

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