Gender Reveal Party

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We had our 20 week scan at just over 21 weeks, and decided the best way to celebrate would be to throw a gender reveal party as an exciting way to announce our baby's gender to our friends and family!!

The scan itself was amazing, and we could see so much detail - more than I imagined we would be able to see! We could see all four chambers of the baby's heart, and see it pumping away as well as different structures in the brain, internal organs, and the baby's gender!

I didn't actually see myself, as I guess I didn't really know where I was meant to be looking our what I was meant to be looking for! But both Jono and the ultrasound technician were excited to see that our baby is a...


 I am so excited that we are having a little baby boy, throughout my pregnancy I've "known" the whole time our baby is a boy and I can't wait to meet our little dude!

After our scan we dashed home and bought some baby blue balloons ready for our big announcement that evening! We had a big box which we wrapped in in wrapping paper with both blue and pink on, and filled it with our blue balloons ready for the party.

Our friends and family arrived and all gathered round in our conservatory discussing their gender predictions before counting down to our announcement!

Everyone is so excited to meet our little baby boy when he is born, and the majority of our friends and family guessed his gender correctly!

We are both so lucky to have such fantastic friends and family! I feel so overwhelmed by how much love there was in that room, not just for us but for our son too, and he's not even here yet! I'm so thankful for everyone in my life, I am one lucky lady :)

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