8 Weeks Old

Monday, March 30, 2015

Dear Zach,

Today you are 8 weeks old, and I can't quite believe it. Every week you are becoming more and more grown up and it's so exciting to watch you learn and develop. You're smiling and giggling so much more which makes us the happiest parents. You like to laugh at us when we pull funny faces or make silly sounds at you!

This week has been lovely as you seem far more content - you are now drinking almost 5 ounces and having longer naps of around 4 hours. Our routine has totally gone out of the window but you're sleeping really well at night. You've taken after your daddy though and this week you've developed a rash on your face - all over your cheeks, on your ears and down your neck AND you've developed cradle cap - you're one crusty baby! 

On Friday night we left you with Omi and we went out for dinner and drinks without you for the first time. Omi wanted you to sleep in your Moses basket but as Mummy predicted you would only settle in your vibrating chair. It was weird leaving you with someone else for a few hours but it was nice to spend time as a couple and important for you to get used to being looked after people other than us. 

Your favourite thing at the moment is being upright - either standing or sitting up with us supporting you (obviously - you're not quite that advanced yet!) and if both of us are sat up you refuse to lie flat. Such a cheeky monkey! It's lovely to see you so interested in the world around you though, and every day you are becoming more and more alert.

 We are so excited to see what next week will bring! All our love, Mummy and Daddy xxx

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