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Monday, March 23, 2015

Since becoming a mum I've realised that everything I do will have an impact on my little baby boy and the person he's going to become. I want to raise the healthiest, kindest and happiest little boy that I possibly can, and to do that I need to be the healthiest, kindest and happiest I can be too!

I thought a good place to start would be the health aspect because that's what needs the most work! I love food, but I don't always make the best decisions about what to eat. I do eat fruit and veg quite regularly but I am also addicted to sugar, have no self control and massive portion sizes. On top of that I'm not very active, if I'm honest I'm pretty lazy. And this is something that I'm trying to change for both myself and for Zach.

I gained 2 stone at university, the combination of bad food choices, a lot of alcohol and going from working 50 hour weeks in retail to nothing took its toll on my body. I started to get stretch marks all over my stomach which was so embarrassing and I just felt awful about myself. 

I fell pregnant 2 weeks after finishing university, and at 40 weeks I had gained a stone and a half, something which I was actually really happy with as I had imagined that during pregnancy I would balloon! I felt good about my body for once. I was making a human after all and that's pretty incredible! I gained more stretch marks (I look like a zebra!!) but it was okay because it was for my baby (and now I can blame them all on pregnancy rather than weight gain alone!) and the bump disguised my flabby stomach.

After giving birth I lost a stone within the first week - Zach, the placenta and all the fluids! Now at 7 weeks postpartum I am still not back to my pre pregnancy weight with 4 stubborn pounds to shift. In total though there's 2 stone that I want to lose.

The only way forward is a lifestyle change - a focus on healthy eating and portion control, and getting my body moving moe often! I've been working on this for the past week and I already feel so much better both mentally and physically despite not having lost any weight. I'm sure that will come in time. I want to document my progress, the things I'm doing and the tools I'm using.

0 pounds lost, 30 pounds to go! 

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