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Thursday, March 26, 2015

I didn't have a clue I was pregnant - I have irregular periods and I miss every other one so had booked an appointment to ask to be checked over in case of polycystic ovaries. The day before my appointment I took a pregnancy test because I thought they'd ask me if I was 100% sure I wasn't pregnant - it turned out that I was 100% definitely pregnant 3 positive tests later! Zach was definitely a surprise

I told Jono via text whilst he was at work that I was going to take one and then sent him a picture message of the positive stick and the box as I wasn't sure if I was seeing things correctly - probably not the best way to announce my pregnancy!

The only person we told until our scan was my mum and I told her straight away. I was terrified and needed to be able to cry  and talk to someone as well as Jono. I can't thank her enough for her support.

I had pretty bad morning sickness where I was sick at least once a day. We lived in a shared house, and none of our housemates knew until after our scan so I had to be as quiet as I possibly could!

Emotionally I found the first trimester incredibly difficult. Pregnancy was a massive shock, I had just finished university and we were living in a shared house - not exactly an ideal situation for having a baby. As much as I was so excited to beome a mother it was very overwhelming!

We had a total of four scans - at our first I was only 10 weeks when we thought I was 12, and we had two 20 week scans as in the first Zach was very stubborn and wouldn't move so they couldn't take one of the measurements of the spine . They were all so magical, but the first of our 20 week scans was the most special as we found out we were having a little boy, and you could see so much detail. Seeing the chambers of my baby boy's heart pumping away inside my was such an amazing experience.

We decided we definitely wanted to know the gender. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew he was a boy. All of my life I wanted a little girl, but I wouldn't change Zach for the world. I never realised how wonderful it would be having a son!

I loved shopping for our little bundle of joy and poor Jono was dragged around the baby section of every shop over and over again! When we moved house I loved buying things for his nursery and collecting books and trinkets for him.

My favourite food and drinks were chicken (especially nandos!), apples, diet coke and milk. The only food aversion I had was burgers. Pre pregnancy they were my favourite food, and post pregnancy I am enjoying them again! But during pregnancy even the thought of them made me feel sick!

Half of my friends knew I was pregnant from the very beginning and weren't at all surprised when I announced it - in fact they had already gotten me a card and a small present for Zach! The other half of my friends were so surprised - one of my best friends didn't believe me until I showed her the scan photos!

I found not drinking alcohol a lot harder than I thought I would. I wouldn't class myself as a big drinker but I'm still young and I go to pubs and bars a lot with my friends, as well as a lot of BBQs in the summer where everyone has some drinks. I missed being able to drink pimms in summer with the girls and mulled wine in winter!

My friends threw me an amazing baby shower which was safari themed as I had been buying a lot of safari related things for Zach. There was themed foot and drinks, party games and even an indestructible piƱata! The best part was that they had bought some plain bibs and some fabric pens and everyone who was there designed a bib especially for Zach!

We kept Zach's name a secret from everybody until he was born! It is the longest I think I have ever kept a secret in my life! We were between Isaac and Zachary, and decided that there were more reasons not to have Isaac although we loved both names.

I finished work on Christmas Eve at 35 weeks pregnant. I loved no longer having to go to work and Netflix and caramel digestives became my best friends. By my due date though I was starting to get fed up and the day before I was induced I even went and bought a puzzle!

During my pregnancy I saw countless different midwives. Although almost all of them were lovely I wish I had been able to see just one midwife. I don't think there's enough funding for midwives.

I loved my body during pregnancy - I have always carried my weight around my middle, and for once it was normal to be big there! I also had already gained stretch marks on my stomach from weight gain at university so even though I got more at least I can now blame them all on my pregnancy! I gained a stone and a half total during pregnancy.

We went to be checked over as Zach had been moving less. Although he was fine they decided to induce me the next day. It meant I wasn't able to give birth in the birthing centre I had my heart set on and I was really upset about it.

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