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Friday, March 27, 2015

We began formula feeding Zach when he was 2 weeks old, and straight away we found the process of making up a bottle long and tedious. I'd been recommended the perfect prep machine by a few of my friends and it sounded like the perfect solution. It retails at around £100 depending on the store, however I ordered it from Amazon here, where it is often on offer between £65 and £75.

The machine itself comes in white or black, and doesn't take up a lot of space. We have ours in our kitchen where we have a little feeding station - our drying rack, clean bottles, Zach's washing up bowl, steriliser, formula and the perfect prep are all kept together in one place.

After being confused about whether it was measuring accurately (I didn't realise that the formula powder would add so much volume - it does measure correctly!) the machine has become invaluable. It makes a bottle up within 3 minutes, at the perfect temperature to use straight away.

To use the machine you place your bottle on the shelf which is adjustable to the height of the bottle you are using. We use Dr Browns bottles, and I can imagine most, if not all bottles would work on this. You choose how many ounces of formula you require, and then press the big button on the top and it dispenses a 'hot shot' of water. You then add your formula, shake the bottle, put it back in place and press the button again.

It is very simple and easy to use. I have found a few negative aspects of the machine. The beep it uses to tell you when it has finished dispensing is far too loud, which in the middle of the night isn't exactly pleasant. It uses a water filter which does need replacing every 3 months, and these are a little pricey considering how much the machine is in the first place.

We've been using the machine for 5 weeks now, and we haven't yet had to replace the machine and it has worked perfectly so far. I don't imagine that changing the filter will be difficult, just time consuming. Overall, I would definitely recommend this machine. Anything that saves you time as a parent is definitely worth purchasing (the more sleep the better!).

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