11 Weeks Old

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dear Zach,

Each week is flying by now - you're nearly 3 months old which means it's nearly been a year since I fell pregnant with you! This past year has gone past at lightening speed, and I'm sure it will continue this way. This past week you have been in the wars, from a bit of a tummy bug, to a growth spurt and now a cold you've been a little miserable.

It breaks my heart to see you feeling ill, there's not all that much I can do to make you feel my better apart from give you lots of cuddles. Despite this though we've still had a lovely week. We've had the hottest weather so far this year, and we've been spending quite a lot of time outside (in the shade of course!) and I think you've enjoyed it!

On Saturday we headed into Cambridge and your Nanny and Grandpa took you on a walk to Grantchester whilst we punted there! It was a lovely afternoon in the sun - although you looked a little silly with your white pasty face due to your sun cream. You're going to look like that a lot this summer!

We can't wait until you're old enough to go on the river with us as it's something we both enjoy so much. Last year when I was pregnant we used to go kayaking as it was a place we could talk about you and our future with no one hearing us before we announced you were coming! We have so many lovely memories from that time, and can't wait to make new memories with you. We saw lots of children on the river learning to canoe and kayak and we couldn't help getting excited at the thought of you doing the same.

This week we're taking you swimming for the first time if your cold clears up. You love your baths so much that we think you'll really enjoy being in the swimming pool - only time will tell!

We love you so much little boy, and we always will.
Mummy and Daddy xxx

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