9 Weeks Old

Monday, April 06, 2015

Dear Zach,

Today you are 9 weeks old, and I can't quite believe how fast the weeks are going. I feel like time is slipping by and soon you won't be our little baby any more!

This week you had your first set of injections and you were such a brave little boy - you cried for about 30 seconds and then fell straight back to sleep. I was so proud of you, and also a little proud of myself as I didn't find it as bad as I thought I might. I guess after your blood sugar checks, heel prick test and tongue tie being cut it's not so bad anymore as I know you'll be okay.

This week also marked your first Easter weekend! We spent Thursday evening through to Saturday afternoon at your Nanny and Grandpa's which was lovely. You were such a good little boy, and your grandparents absolutely loved having you to stay.

On Easter Sunday we headed to our old shared house from before you were born for a BBQ and egg hunt! You were a dream and were so happy and had cuddles with everyone. You loved sitting up and watching everyone, and it was so lovely to see - we're so happy you're such a social little dude!

To end a very busy week we headed to see your family near Peterborough for your Auntie Holly's baby shower - she's still cooking you a little buddy who should be joining the family in a few weeks time. I can't wait to see you and their little baby running around and causing chaos!

This week will probably be a little quieter, and we intend to go and get you weighed as we have no idea how big you are now. All we know is that you are starting to grow out of your 'up to one month' clothes, and are wearing more 0-3 months clothes.

All our love, forever and always,
Mummy and Daddy xxx

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