On Not Having A Christening

Friday, April 10, 2015

After giving birth people don't leave you alone, the amount of people who want to see you is truly amazing and your family feels surrounded by love. You get lots of visitors, which can be lovely but sometimes overwhelming, you also get asked lots of questions.

'How old is he now?'
'Is giving birth really painful?' (yes!)
'Do you want a cup of tea?'
'Can I hold him?'

One question we were asked a few times was "Are you going to have a christening for Zach?"
And our answer was no

Christenings are very traditional, and it is often expected that parents will christen their child regardless of whether they actively attend church. However, we gave it some thought and decided that we didn't want Zach to be affiliated with a religion when he had no input into the decision, especially when neither of us identify as Christian, and haven't attended church in years.

Personally, unlike Jono, I was never christened. My dad is an atheist and my mother is now Buddhist, and despite this I ended up attending a Christian primary school, youth group and performing arts group, before then choosing to attend church with whom I went to a Christian festival and travelled to Nicaragua for charity work. I have had a long and complicated relationship with my faith, but that is another story for another day.

We've decided that we will encourage Zach to follow his heart and believe what he wants to believe, be that religious or otherwise, and our decision to not christen him is part of that. We will support him no matter what. I really appreciate my parents allowing me to explore that area of my life myself, and I think it made me question things and truly discover what I believe.

Whether you chose to christen your baby or not is a totally personal decision, and there is no right or wrong choice - it is whatever you believe is best for your family and for your baby. I just wanted to talk about it in case someone feels they should have their children christened despite not wanting to. To let them know it's okay, it's your decision.

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