On Poorly Babies And Doctors Surgeries

Friday, April 17, 2015

We're very lucky that on the whole, Zach is a very healthy and happy little boy. But even though he is only 10 weeks old he's already had a couple of health issues. Since we've been home we've battled a bout of constipation when we changed to using formula, some oral thrush and most recently a bit of a tummy bug. Seeing our baby feeling unwell is one of the hardest things we've faced so far as there's only so much you can do to help them, and sometimes all you're able to do is try to comfort them when they cry.

I am very aware that the health service is under strain, and personally I don't want to go to the surgery unless it is necessary because I know there are other people who need appointments more than I do. But when it's for Zach rather than myself I think it's a lot more important that we get all of the help we can, as I don't want him to suffer. Everything Zach has faced so far has been extremely common and not very severe, but as a first time mum I need to make sure I'm doing the right things to help him get better. For all of the instances mentioned above we rang NHS 111 to ask their advice, and every time we were told to contact our doctors surgery.

We have had a lot of contact with the surgery since Zach has been born. We've had check ups for the both of us, Zach's had his immunisations, and I feel as though we're starting to become regulars there. But when I've rung up, as I was advised to do so by NHS 111, and spoken to a doctor on the phone, the first two times they made me feel as though I was wasting their time. The doctors seemed uninterested in what I was saying, and if I'm being honest they weren't very helpful at all. It made me feel so upset. All I was trying to do was look after my son, and the way I was spoken to made me so disheartened.

When I rang them most recently for Zach's stomach bug I was dreading the call as I was so worried they weren't going to take me seriously. But much to my surprise they were incredibly helpful and made us an appointment for that afternoon. The doctor I saw told me that I'd done the right thing taking him in despite the fact that there was nothing we could do to help him apart from just waiting it out. It made me realise how badly I'd been treated the past two times I had contacted the surgery.

It is not fair to make a new mum or dad feel as though calling the doctors for her baby is the wrong thing to do, and that is how I was made to feel. Not only because as parents you are merely trying to be the best parent you can be, but because it might also discourage people from going in or calling the doctors altogether, potentially putting babies at risk. Always contact a medical professional if you feel that there is anything wrong with your child.

Has anyone else been made to feel this way?

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