Our First Mummy & Baby Picnic

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Isn't the weather this week glorious? I hope it continues as I have been loving the sunshine and the warmth so much! I'm usually such a winter person, but now we have Zach I'm longing to go out and explore. Today, whilst Jono was sadly in the office, I decided to take our little monkey out on a little adventure so we could have our first picnic together. Zach's been feeling a bit poorly the past couple of days with a tummy bug, so I thought some fresh air would do him some good.

When I was pregnant days like today were one of the things I often dreamt about. I couldn't wait to take my little baby out to the park and sit on a blanket happily spending the afternoon in the sunshine (technically we were in the shade, but sunshine sounds much better), and today it finally happened. 

We had a such a lovely time, and Zach loved watching the trees as the moved about in the breeze. A whole group of tourists wandered past us, first laughing at me trying to take selfies of the two of us, and then going 'awww' at Zach. Every year I forget about the hundreds of tourists that descend on the area we live in, and then suddenly they're every where. It makes me feel pretty lucky to be living in an area which so many people want to visit.

We had our drinks, diet coke for me, cow & gate for him, before Zach had a little snooze in the pushchair! It was the perfect opportunity for me to read some more of my book. I'm currently reading 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed which was a gift from Jono's parent's for mothers day, and so far I'm really enjoying it! On our walk back we passed some horses and I couldn't resist taking a few snaps. They'd been running around their field having what looked like a lovely afternoon themselves.

Hopefully the weather stays this lovely as we're planning on heading to Cambridge at the weekend to go punting and for afternoon tea - fingers crossed!

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  1. That sounds like a perfect day indeed! I hope that you can do so many trips like this! #mmwbh


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