{The Ordinary Moments} #2 - Spring Has Sprung

Sunday, April 05, 2015

On Thursday we headed into Cambridge to see our some friends, and to go to a Mary Berry book signing! We had such a lovely day, and meeting the baking queen herself was pretty amazing as I am a massive fan.

We arrived at the book signing an hour and a half before it began to get into the queue, and luckily we were quite near the front. Thankfully Zach slept the entire time we were there, I was scared he would wake up as he's been a little grumpy recently and I was dreading him crying his eyes out in the queue.

After the book signing, which too about ten minutes after she arrived as it was like a conveyor belt, I left the girls to go and meet Jono. On the way I walked through Jesus green and up the only hill in Cambridge! I am so lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful city, and I still live near by now. There's something magical that happens in spring when the sun starts to shine and the flowers begin to bloom, such a wonderful feeling of new life and new beginnings.

I'm starting to get excited about summer now as it's (very slowly) getting warmer and I can't wait to get outside more. I'm normally such a winter person, but this year I've not enjoyed it as much as usual. I'm also so excited for all the fun things we can do with Zach during the summer, as he'll be old enough to sit and play outside, and go on picnics and to the beach when the weather warms up!



  1. Sounds like a lovely day- I also live really near Cambridge (about twenty five minutes away) so it is our home city. We love it so much, especially on a Spring day, it's just beautiful. xx

    1. It's so lovely in the warmer months isn't it? :) xxx

  2. How cool to have met Mary Berry! I can't wait for the summer this year too!


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