{The Ordinary Moments} #4 - Our Current Routine

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Living with a 10 week old baby our life is somewhat repetitive - we live in a cycle of eat, nappy change, play, sleep and repeat. But this is our ordinary, and it's what I don't want to forget as soon we'll be trying to entertain a far more active little boy, and our ordinary will shift again.

Most days Zach will wake up for the day at around 9am, which I absolutely love as I am not a morning person at all. After having his milk and a nappy change he is normally awake for about an hour before having a nap until he's hungry and we start the routine again. It means I can still get stuff done during the day and if we go out and he'll spend a large chunk of the day asleep in the pushchair.

We try to leave the house every day. Sometimes it's a little adventure on the train to Cambridge to meet up with friends or family for lunches and shopping, but more often than not it's a trip to Wilkinsons or the local fudge shop (where the woman now recognises me *hanging my head in shame*). And when we're at home Zach loves sitting in his vibrating chair staring at the monkeys on it, who he talks to and laughs at more than he does with us.

And that's it really, there's nothing glamorous about our life. But I love it. Most of the time you'll find us snuggled up on the sofa, with Zach staring intently at our cushion because to him the pattern is the most exciting thing he's ever seen.

And soon, we'll have a little boy who will be awake for a lot longer and will need a lot more attention. He'll start to be able to play with his toys, and I'm excited for it all. But right now? I'm quite happy with our simple little life.


  1. They change so much in those first few months and the routine with it changes all the time too. It's definitely a lovely idea to write it all down, I would love to remember our routines with our girls. Don't they love black and white patterns at this age? I am sure I read that somewhere. In which case that's why he thinks your cushion is the best.thing.ever! ;) x

    1. I think that must be why he likes it so much! It's so funny to watch him staring at it! :) xx

  2. Aww, so cute. Although life with a newborn is hard, it does help when they sleep a lot of the time! I love your pram too :)


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