What's In My Changing Bag - 8 Weeks Old

Saturday, April 04, 2015

I love these type of posts because I love being nosy and seeing what people carry around with them!

Our changing bag is the Storksak Ashley in Navy - we love this bag as it is big enough to carry absolutely everything we need (and things we don't!). It doesn't look like a changing bag, and we love that it isn't girly as it means we can both use it without looking a bit silly. The bag comes with a portable changing mat and a bottle bag which we also use frequently.

Here is what I take out and about with us on a day to day basis:

1. Cow & Gate First Infant Milk Ready To Feed - perfect for feeding on the go
2. Dr Browns Wide Neck Bottles - we take the smaller ones out to save on space
3. Portable Changing Mat (came with changing bag) - to make sure your baby is on a clean surface!
4. Pampers Nappies & Wipes, Nappy Bags - obvious necessity! We also love Water Wipes!
5. Bibs - for feeding on the go
6. Bag of baby toiletries and medicine (see below)
7. Avent Translucent Soothers - we like these because they come with caps to keep them clean
8. Clam-P Clips - so many uses such as clipping a muslin on as a sun shade
9. Sleepsuits - in case of vomit/poo explosions!
10. Vests - same again!
11. Socks - we use these with sock-ons (not pictured) to make sure we don't lose any
12. High Contrast Ring Rattle & Zebra Rattle - to keep Zach occupied!
13. Chevron Blanket - to keep Zach warm
14. Muslins - useful for everything, we love these ones from Aden and Anais

One other handy item we carry that is not pictured is a sterilising bag which is perfect for cleaning bottles or any dropped dummies if somewhere with a microwave.
I also want to purchase a soother steriliser as these can be used without a microwave.

In this little bag which is kept in our changing bag we keep:

1. Hairbrush - Zach has lots of hair which I try (and usually fail) to tame
2. Infacol - you never know when wind may strike!
3. Mum and Me Sleep Tight Balm - to help send Zach to sleep whilst we're out and about
4. Forehead Thermometer - easy thermometer to use on the go
5. Sudocrem - we got this mini pot in a bounty pack
6. Mum and Me Cleanse and Protect Gel - great for keeping your hands clean without a sink
7. Weleda Bumps and Bruises Skin Salve - to soothe Zach's skin should he ever hurt himself
8. Nail Clippers and Scissors - we keep Zach's nails short to prevent him scratching himself

As Zach is almost two months old I will soon be adding some calpol sachets too.

That is everything we carry with us in our changing bag! Is there anything we're missing?

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