14 Weeks Old

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dear Zach,

This week has been pretty busy, and you've developed in leaps and bounds. You're really grabbing at things now, and you're starting to enjoy playing with toys. But the really exciting thing is that you've learnt to roll over! Ok, so you've only done it the once, but I managed to catch it on camera, and you keep trying to do it again. I'm sure that you'll be rolling everywhere in just another week or two!

We also went to baby rhyme time for the second time this week and you seem to absolutely love it. You like to stare at all of the other babies (you stare at everyone to be fair, I think you'd definitely win a staring contest) and really enjoy all of the singing and actions. It's the first baby group you've been to, and we're definitely going to look at going to more as you start getting older so you can interact more with other babies.

You also went swimming for the second time this week, which again you loved. Clare and Sara came with us; they loved bobbing you up and down in the water, and splashing about with you. It's so lovely watching my friends play with you and how comfortable you are with them too.

We went to your Great Nan's birthday at the weekend, and you had lots of fun playing with everyone whilst we made the most of having so many babysitters! We paid for it with a hangover on Sunday though... Hangovers + Baby is not the most fun we've ever had.

The most exciting news this week though is that your Aunty Holly has given birth to a beautiful little girl! We're going to meet her this week which is going to be lovely, and we just can't wait! I'm looking forward to seeing what your reaction will be as we've played you some videos of her and you seem quite interested!

Here's to another week of fun, although today you've become a little grumpy and clingy. According to the wonder weeks you're at the start of a month long leap. Although leaps are hard work, it's so rewarding to see you learn so many new skills so hopefully that will make up for the tears!

We love you more than anything in the world little buddy! Mummy and Daddy xxx


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