15 Weeks Old

Monday, May 18, 2015

Dear Zach,

Time flies when you're having fun, and this week has highlighted just how fast time seems to be going now you have joined us and made us into a little family. I think this every week, and although I know I go on and on about it I still can't believe that you're not our tiny newborn anymore. You're now 15 weeks old and are just the happiest little boy. It's so wonderful to be your parents and see the smiles on your face every day. We've noticed that you seem so relaxed at the moment, and you barely cry. Maybe it's because we know you well enough to feed you, change you or put you down for a nap before you get unhappy, but I think in part it's your personality starting to come through.

This week we took part in a study for Cambridge University where they are looking at babies growth and feeding. You were weighed and had your height and head circumference measured and it is safe to say you are a little boy! You're on the 25th percentile for both height and head circumference, but you have dropped to the 9th for your weight. Whilst it is not a major concern because you are happy and healthy we do have to keep an eye on it, and get you weighed more often to check that you are still gaining weight.

Being small hasn't stopped you in any way it seems as you are more energetic and stronger than ever. We've had so many comments about how strong you are, and you've rolled over for a second time this week which is so exciting. You've also really found your voice and have been chatting away to everyone which is just the cutest thing! I can't wait to hear your first words, although obviously that's a long way away yet!

You met your baby cousin this week which was so lovely. I held her in my arms and began to cry because I couldn't remember you ever being that small. Of course you were, and it wasn't even all that long ago. However it also reminded me of all those hard moments at the start with feeding and lack of sleep. As much as I miss you being so tiny, we've never had it so great.

So here's to this next week of your life. We're going to leave you with your grandmothers on Tuesday so we can escape out to the beer fest - it's going to be the longest we've ever left you so I wonder how that's going to go!!

All of our love, as always, Mummy and Daddy xxx


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