16 Weeks Old

Monday, May 25, 2015

Dear Zach,

You've reached 16 weeks old - my lucky number! This week has been an odd one - for part of the week you've been really happy and content, and the rest of the time a stroppy little mister. You also seem to have lost your voice as you're no longer chatting to us. We're hoping that you find it again soon! You still seem to be finding your strength - you haven't rolled over this week but you've been trying really hard. You're also grabbing at things and you try to put everything in your mouth - whilst you manage to get most things in you seem to struggle with your dummy. You pull it out of your mouth because you've learnt to do that but you can't get it back in again!

You've also started to spot yourself in the mirror - of course you don't know it's you though. I'm sure you think it's just another super cute baby, but you find yourself hilarious and it is really cute. What is even cuter though is the fact that you've started giggling! It's only when Daddy blows raspberries on your tummy or Mummy roars as you and pretends to eat you but it's the best sound in the world. Nothing makes us happier!

This week we left you with your Nanny and your Omi whilst we went to the Cambridge Beer Fest (read about that here) which was huge for us as it was the first time we've left you for so long, and your first bedtime without us. We think it's important though that you spend time with people other than us as when October rolls around my maternity leave will be up and I won't be with you all the time. I don't like to dwell on that much though as it makes me so upset to think that I won't get to spend every day with you.

This weekend has been a bank holiday weekend and we've been super busy - we've had a Eurovision party, been to two BBQs, visited your Aunty Evie and your Grandad and been to a French food festival! It's no surprise that tonight you were exhaused and went to bed early, falling asleep as soon as you touched the mattress!

This week is set to be quieter, but I'm sure it will still be as lovely as ever! We love you so much Zachy, and still find it hard to believe we made such a perfect little boy! Kisses, Mummy and Daddy, xxx


  1. Oh bless him, he's absolutely gorgeous. I bet you're so proud :) xx

  2. Awwww he is SO adorable :) I love that little sleepsuit too! xx

  3. Aww he's just so cute - and so big already!!

    1. Thank you! I think the photos may be a little deceiving as he's actually really tiny! Still in 0-3, and measuring very small for his age! xx


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