5 Things I Loved About Being Pregnant

Friday, May 22, 2015

I am not one of those women who glowed their way through pregnancy, loving every minute of it. I can honestly say that the first trimester was one of the worst times I've experienced - 3 months of breakdowns and morning sickness? Not exactly my idea of fun! But after about week 16 things started to get a lot easier and I started to enjoy growing a little baby in my belly, so I thought I'd share the top 5 things I loved about being pregnant:

1. The ultrasound scans. seeing Zach swimming around in my belly was definitely the highlight of pregnancy for me. We were very lucky and had four scans on the NHS instead of the usual two, but the 20 week scan was my absolute favourite. Being able to see so much detail such as each chamber of the heart pumping was mind blowing and finding out he was a little boy was so exciting!

2. Feeling Zach kick. I loved being able to feel Zach moving around in my tummy, especially towards the end when you could see it from the outside! I think there's something so magical about the bond between mother and baby, and I think that feeling the kicks highlighted this for me. Although it did get a little painful towards the end!

3. Feeling good about myself. Pre-pregnancy I was overweight and already had some stretchmarks so getting bigger wasn't something I found too difficult. In fact it made me feel better about myself because my stomach was rock solid and clothes fitted me better as they were designed for bigger middles! I loved my bump and my maternity jeans and I miss them a lot now!

4. Being offered seats. When I was obviously pregnant and not just chunky strangers started to treat me differently - I was given seats on the bus/train/tube and basically everywhere I went. People seemed to assume I needed to sit constantly, and I was definitely not going to complain about it.

5. Shopping for baby things. From the second I found out that I was pregnant I began researching baby products and planning what we needed to get. I loved buying all of the little clothes, the furniture for the nursery and everything in between. The best thing is that it never ends as babies grow out of things so quickly!

What did you love about being pregnant?

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  1. I loved the kicks and wiggles, the ones that take over your whole stomach and have it jumping around! And I liked having a bump - well right up until 40 weeks, then I get very keen on meeting the baby - and slightly nervous about their size - I make them big!!

    1. Haha I was nervous too but Zach wasn't too big so it was okay!! xx

  2. I also enjoyed filling out maternity clothes and feeling good about my curves :)

  3. Oh I really didn't like being pregnant, but as I put on weight on my middle I completely agree with maternity clothes and having a solid middle :)

    1. There was a lot I didn't like too - I think that might make up another post haha!! xx

  4. I love all of these these were some
    Of my favourites. The first 3 months is always my worse lol xx

  5. The kicks and the shopping for me! Lovely post. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x


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