Mummy & Me May


This photo of Zach and I was taken on our recent trip to Richmond Park. We had such a lovely day out, meeting Zach's new cousin and wandering through the green fields deer spotting. I love this photo because I don't actually have that many nice photos of Zach and I together. Mostly its just selfies of the two of us that I send Jono when he's at work!

I've decided to take part in Nicola's Mummy & Me linky because I think it's a wonderful idea, and will mean I have more photos to treasure. Head over to her blog to check out the other photos from this month!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

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  1. This is a lovely photo of you both. The Mummy and Me link up will give you a good excuse to take more pictures of you and Zach together :) xx

  2. Lovely picture sweetie and what a gorgeous place. Thanks for linking up x