Snippets of Zach's Nursery

Saturday, May 02, 2015

We moved into our current home once we had found out that I was pregnant, and straight away I began planning how to decorate Zach's nursery. Flash forward, and Zach is 12 weeks old. He isn't yet in his own room as he's still sleeping in ours, and his nursery is not yet complete.

We still haven't bought him a cot bed. I'm waiting to see how much the house shaped one Stokke is due to release in spring will be before making any decisions! I also haven't finished the hot air balloon I've been making, or hung the tissue paper pom poms I've made him. Nor have we painted the side of his wardrobe with the chalkboard paint we've already purchased. I must do it soon!

Despite this I thought I'd share some little bits which are finished, even if it is somewhat temporarily. It'll be nice to look back and see how his room was at the very beginning of his life too once it's taken over with posters and toys and all the mess a little boy is bound to make!


  1. This is a beautiful room! You've done such a great job, it doesnt look unfinsihed!

  2. What a gorgeous room! Lots of lovely little bits in there. Toby is 20 months old and I'd love redecorate his room already, he seems so big to have a nursery and I'l like it to be a bit more grown up. That's actually just my excuse for wanting to buy things that I've seen. I love the banners and the print xx

    1. Thank you! :) It's so fun being able to decorate a child's bedroom isn't it?! xx


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