17 Weeks Old

Monday, June 01, 2015

Dear Zach,

Tomorrow you will be 4 months old, which is so so exciting! It's a month where you might be able to try some food for the first time (properly rather than me just letting you lick things which I've sneakily been doing already). It's a month where you're going to get stronger - probably rolling over more and you might even start to sit on your own. Your personality is sure to shine through even more and I can't wait to find out more about you.

It's also a month in which you might get your first tooth. You're already showing signs of teething, and we're not looking forward to it at all. Teething means that you're in pain which makes us sad, and it also might mean that you don't sleep so well. Right now you sleep all night long. Your bedtime is 8pm, and you sleep until 6 or 7 in the morning. Often you'll go back to sleep again until 9 or 10 too. We love this so much so please keep it up little man!

This week has been a tough one really. You've been a bit fussier than normal, especially with you milk. For some reason you've only been drinking about 3-4oz of milk instead of your usual 6. At first we weren't too worried as some days you're hungrier than others but every day seemed to be the same. You just didn't want to be fed. We took you to be weighed and although you have gained a little bit you're still very small - on the 9th percentile. The health visitor wasn't concerned at all though, so that was really reassuring. You're never going to be tall buddy, we're sorry about that! It's just not in your genes! Of course, after a week of worrying you decide to prove to me that actually you're fine. I'd asked all of my friends both those I know in real life and through blogging for help and advice. And then the next night sure enough you decide you will drink your milk normally again. You even drank 8oz in one go - the most you've ever drunk!

You've also had your injections this week. Thankfully they were the last until you are a year old, but these were the worst ones yet. I felt so guilty taking you in because you had just woken up from a nap and you were in a good mood for the first time that day. You began to cry when we sat down because it was time for milk, and part of me thought 'Good, he's already crying. We'll just get the injections done and then I can fix everything with milk.' But you screamed and screamed. And I did the worst thing - I laughed. Not because I thought it was funny but because when I'm upset but in a situation were I can't cry I laugh instead. And that made me feel even more guilty. I'm so sorry little man.

This next week will hopefully be better. I think you're starting to cheer up a bit so hopefully we will have a nice time! We will try to make it to baby rhyme time this week (we missed it last week because I drained our car battery so we were stranded at Tesco!). We're also going to watch a raft race which I'm sure will be lots of fun! You might even move into 3-6 month clothes this week as you seem to have had a very sudden growth spurt!

We love you so so so much, Mummy and Daddy xxx

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