19 Weeks Old

Monday, June 15, 2015

Dear Zach,

Today you are 19 weeks old my little prince. This week you have returned to full health and it's been a joy to see you so happy and smiley once more! You have lost a little weight though, but you're back to guzzling milk so nothing to worry about! There is nothing worse than when you are ill, so we can't tell you how happy we are that you're better now. Fingers crossed you don't get ill again anytime soon (or ever again, although I think that's somewhat unlikely!)

We've taken the past week quite easy and just relaxed at home enjoying spending time together as a family. After a week of cancelled plans it was nice to not worry about not being somewhere or missing anything. We were able to start catching up on everything that had been ignored the week before, such as laundry and washing up (although there's still piles and piles of both - shhh!)

The best thing this week has been your laughter! You have such a funny sense of humour already and we love trying to make you chuckle. What works one day doesn't seem to work the next so we have to keep on our toes trying to amuse you - I think we have as much fun as you do! The other thing you so clearly love is singing. If ever you are upset about something usually you stop crying as soon as we start singing - and then you usually begin again as soon as the song ends! We haven't been to baby rhyme time for four weeks now because something has prevented us each week (car battery dying, illness, driving test) so hopefully we will be able to go again this week because you love it so much.

The biggest thing happening this coming week is Father's Day, which will be a great time to spoil daddy with lots of love and cuddles! He is such an amazing dad, and I hope we'll have a really lovely day! We don't have anything big planned, just watching the Grand Prix and spending time together as a family. There's nothing better!

We love you lots and lots, forever and always, mummy and daddy xxx

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