20 Weeks Old

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear Zach,

You have reached 20 weeks old which feels like such a milestone. I think this must be because at 20 weeks old, pre-birth, we had an ultrasound scan and were able to see you swimming around inside my belly. It was a very special moment for us, and we were able to find out that not only were you happy and healthy but that you are a boy! We were also able to see so many things such as your heart beating, and it was just so magical. It was the moment that made it all feel real, and now 40 weeks later here you are, rolling around and laughing at us.

This week has been pretty quiet, we've spent a lot of time at home and have a lovely little routine going on which involves a lot of playing and rolling over. We finally made it to baby rhyme time again, however this week you didn't want to sit whilst we sang you wanted to explore! As soon as it was over and you were put down on the mat with the other babies you were trying to crawl after them. Of course, you're far too young for that, but you managed to roll around a bit and it was lovely to watch how determined you were.

Your eczema has flared up quite badly this week. It is all over your face and it looks so uncomfortable. It must be as you keep scratching it which means it is taking longer to heal, and you spend a great deal of time covered in diprobase! It's starting to calm down now which is good, and we're still hoping that it will clear with time although it probably won't as your daddy has it too!

Yesterday was our first Father's Day as a little family and it was so special to spend the day together. We took you on your first ever boat for a little cruise down the river, and although it meant missing your nap time (you were a little grizzly) we think you liked it as there was so much to look at! We made daddy a card during the week - a red car made out of one of your footprints with a little L plate on it because daddy is a driving instructor! I wonder what we will make him next year!

This week I am leaving you overnight for the first time ever! I am scared about it, but you will be with your daddy and your grandparents so you will be just fine!
We love you so so much little man! Mummy and Daddy, xxx


  1. Such a lovely post, I remember Oliver's 20 week's scan so well such an amazing moment in the parenting journey. How sweet that he tries and chases the other babies, hope you have a lovely night away.
    Becky xx

    1. It's so magical isn't it to be able to see so much about the little human you're growing?! Thank you xx


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