21 Weeks Old

Monday, June 29, 2015

Dear Zach,

You're 21 weeks old today, and you will be 5 months old on Thursday which is so exciting! Our little baby is not so little any more! You're growing up right before our eyes and this past week I've noticed just how much things are changing. I feel as though we're about to move into a new stage soon as you will be moving into your own room and starting solids within the next few weeks. It's crazy to think that soon you will be able to eat dinner with us sat in your highchair and you'll be alone at night!

This week began quite quietly but ended with a bang as we had a really exciting weekend! You spend a lot of time with your daddy while mummy went out with her friends, and then you spent Saturday with your grandparents in London. It's so weird to think that you're having experiences and making memories that we're not part of, but I think it's also really important. We want you to be strong and independent and we love that you have that streak already!

We spent Sunday at the Formula E in Battersea Park with your Grandpa - your first ever motor race! You even met one of the racing drivers, Bruno Senna, albeit whilst you were asleep. We have a photo though so that's what counts! You were such a dream all day apart from when you decided to have a massive poo which exploded all over your vest and trousers! We hadn't packed spares, as of course you never do when you actually need them. It meant that you spent the afternoon in a t shirt and hoodie on top and a nappy and blanket wrapped around you on the bottom! Who knows what everyone thought when they saw you.

This week is a bit quieter although we do have some fun plans at the weekend again - making the most of the summer sun while it's still here.
We love you so so much even if you're not sleeping as well as you used to - it's clearly because I went on and on about you sleeping through the night! Kisses, mummy and daddy xxx


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