Becoming Healthier - Update #1

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Back in March I wrote a post all about how I want to focus on improving my health. It's been three months now, and although they may be small I have made some notable changes and I am feeling a lot better for it. I thought it might be time to write a little update, and hopefully over time I will be able to see bigger changes.

From March onward I did gain a bit more weight as in all honesty my focus on health was short lived. I was tired and craved sugar like never before, and slowly the pounds piled on until I found I had gained 5 when I was meant to be losing them! However at the end of May something changed and suddenly I began making healthier choices without much effort, and thankfully I have shifted the extra weight I gained and a little bit more on top.

The first thing I changed was my breakfast choices, and I think this has been the easiest. I am a big breakfast person, I am definitely not one of those people who can go until lunch time without food - how is it possible?! Instead of having cereal or toast like I used to I've been having fruit and yogurt instead, and do you know what? I look forward to breakfast every single day. Starting the day on a healthy note puts me in a good frame of mind, and also gives me a head start on my five-a-day.

Next we decided to focus on making our dinners a bit healthier - including more greens and reducing our carbs. We now eat a lot of spinach, green beans and broccoli, and have been having quinoa instead of white rice. Our portion sizes are smaller, and we are eating more meals that are cooked from scratch.

Finally I bought a smoothie maker as a way of getting extra fruit into my diet, and have been adding spinach in to them to make green smoothies. I'm really enjoying trying out different flavours and have been adding in some chia seeds to get some extra goodness and give them a bit of texture.

Our health journey will be going up a gear soon because Jono and I have decided to go vegan for the month of August as a challenge. Partially to see if we can do it, to see if we can actually last an entire month with no animal produts. But we are also doing it as a type of detox, and hopefully it will mean that we eat healthier than ever before!

7 pounds lost, 28 pounds to go!

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