Mummy & Me June

Saturday, June 27, 2015

For this month's Mummy & Me I couldn't find a good photo of Zach and I, just a lot of outtakes so I thought I'd share those instead as they make me laugh! They were taken on our recent boat trip on Father's Day - I especially love Zach's face in the photo below! Hilarious!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. These photos are lovely! Great shots :) Looks like you had a fab time xxx

  2. how lovely! hope you had a fab boat trip :)

  3. Aww, they are so funny. Love his little expressions! :-) #mummyandme x

  4. Sometimes the outtake a are the best pictures aren't they haha, I love his unimpressed face! Xx

  5. What a lovely way to spend Father's Day! Great pictures. I think Zach looks like he's deep in thought in the second picture. I find that most pictures we take with our kids are 'outtakes'! xx

    1. It really was!! Thank you Kathryn, he does doesn't he?! xx


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