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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I like to think of life as a story.

Perhaps not one that is filled with knights in shining armour or witches casting spells. There may be no swords stuck in stone or yellow brick roads, but the magical part of our stories is that we are the author. More is written every day, and slowly chapters are formed. We learn who the main characters are, the ones who shape our very own tale. There are moments in our stories that stand out. The times we are the most proud of, the times we realised we were in love and even the times we felt the most embarrassed. All of these moments make up who we are.

This blog is here to capture Zach’s story from the very beginning, and I truly hope that it is one filled with love and laughter. I don’t have the beginning of my own story documented in quite the same way, as I’m sure most of the people reading this won’t. What I have are my memories, the stories I’ve been told, a handful of photographs and a few home movies that capture my childhood. And even that is more than what my parents have for the beginning of their stories. 

Within my own story there are many moments which stand out; memories that I don’t want to forget. They are the times which have shaped the person who I have become and the life that I live today. They help me to form my decisions and decide which route to take when I hit a fork in the road. And in turn, they will play a role in Zach’s story in the same way that my parents’ lives have influenced me and my beliefs and values. 

I want to capture these moments of my story on this blog too, before they are gone from my memory. Not only for myself, but so that when Zach is older and he reads through this he will learn about the person I was before he made me a mother. I think there is always something fascinating about finding out that your parents had lives before you. That they haven't always had you in their lives despite them always being in yours.

So this is the introduction I guess for the series of posts to follow which will document the best moments of my life (probably not in order).Whilst they're probably not going to make the best sellers list, I do hope you find them interesting. And Zach, if you're reading this one day far in the future, I did have a life before you. And it was fun!


  1. Lovely post! I totally agree about how wonderful it is to be able to capture the special moments that go on to shape ourselves and our children. xx

  2. What a gorgeous post. Me and my boyfriend always describe our lives as a story. When we finish one exciting adventure it is onto the next chapter in the hope they get better and better.

    1. Thank you! I like that - I always think life is made of lots of little adventures! xx


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