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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Welcome to my first post in my new series documenting my story, if you haven't already please go and read the introduction first!

This story begins in the summer of 2010 when I found out my A level results which ultimately determined the path my future would take. I didn't receive the grades I needed for my first choice university, but I wasn't surprised. I hadn't put the work in, and mentally I wasn't in the right place during my final year of college. I just didn't care anymore. I did get into my second choice university though, which is the one I knew I would be going to all along. I chose to defer my place, take a gap year and hopefully start university feeling refreshed and ready to study.

I started university in September 2011, and I didn't really attend my first year. It was a blur of nights out, too many take-aways and lots and lots and lots of pasta. I made less friends that I thought I would, but I was close to those I did make, and living in halls was an enlightening experience. It turns out I don't like living with others, but that I can survive living in a flat with a bin bag mountain in the kitchen. A lot of people didn't think I'd make it until the end of that year, but I did and I passed ready to move on to the second year.

In my second year I started to enjoy my course, my attendance increased, but I was also in a long distance relationship with Jono so I spent a lot of time on the train. We also spent a lot of time on Skype to each other which really annoyed my housemate because there was a thin wall between us so he could here us chatting for hours, and then hear Jono's snoring when we fell asleep on Skype (please don't judge us!)

My third year was my favourite year of university, but it was also the hardest. I loved my modules, I feel like I learnt more in that single year than I had during the rest of my years of education. One of my modules was about sex which let me tell you was both interesting and hilarious - I wrote an exam essay on erectile dysfunction and everything!

Finishing and submitting my dissertation felt like the biggest weight of my university career had been lifted, and it is still the single piece of work I am proudest of. I had a bet with my supervisor that I thought I would be so proud of it I would want it as my wallpaper, and she thought I would want to burn it. It turns out I was right, and I'm still considering it as part of our interior design.

The best day though was graduation, a chance to celebrate the fact that I had finished university with a 2:1, ready to take on the world! I graduated side by side with my best friend from uni, and a little bean growing in my belly! I was so excited to see where the world would take me, and so relieved to have finally finished one of the most important journeys of my life. I think that my university experience shaped the person that I am today, and the lecturers who taught me still play a massive influence on my beliefs. I am so grateful that I was able to go, and although I am not currently using my degree specifically I know it will play an ongoing role in my life, and consequently Zach's.

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