{The Ordinary Moments} #10 - While Zach's Asleep

Monday, June 01, 2015

As I type this it has just gone 10pm on Saturday night and Zach is still wide awake trying very hard to counter what I'm about to write. It's two hours past his normal bedtime now, but normally as soon as we put him in his sleeping bag and turn his sleep sheep on he goes straight to sleep. I think I have to touch wood before I say this, but Zach is a great sleeper. We've been blessed so far with a baby who has slept through the night almost every night since 12 weeks old. I can't handle no sleep, so for me this is perfect and I'm fully aware that we are lucky as not every baby does this. I know that it will probably all change soon, and believe me when I say that the words 'sleep regression' and 'teething' fill me with fear. But for now I'm trying to make the most of it and enjoying every minute of undisturbed sleep I can get!

With Zach now having a bedtime it means that after 8pm is our time. Time for us to spend as a couple again rather than parents. Time to read that book I've been meaning to, or take a long bubble bath. Often it's time to do the washing up and sterilising too - my least favourite of jobs. We've also been watching our way though all of the Friends episodes from the beginning which we've very nearly finished! 

But the thing is, when Zach's asleep I miss him. I don't know if I'm alone in this, but some evenings when he's been a bit fussy in the day I can't wait for bed time so I can have a break. But after about an hour I want him to wake up again so we can play. So I can cuddle him and see his cheeky little grin. So I can try and make him giggle, despite the fact he finds his dad far funnier than me.

I think that during the day when Zach's awake its all go go go, we're always so busy trying to make sure he's happy. We spend time making up bottles, feeding him and changing his nappy. Playing with him and singing to him. It sometimes feels like its never ending. But then he falls asleep and everything becomes calm again. And it gives me time to reflect. Time to realise just how much I love him and how much I enjoy being his mother and looking after him. And then I'm ready for when he wakes, eager for the chaos to begin again.


  1. O my, i can´t tell you ho envious I am feeling right now about your sleeping nights! we still struggle with our lo, who wakes up very often, and needs help to fall asleep again! do enjoy it, fur us sleepless mums out there! :)x

    1. I'm sorry! I am enjoying it I promise and I do realise how lucky I am! xx

  2. Yes, I get like that, too! By bedtime, I sometimes just want them both asleep, but then I want to go and cuddle them an hour later! I do hope he continues to sleep well for you x

  3. Oh wow - good for you.Not like that here but I try not to sweat it as it won't be forever.We have that grobag it's gorgeous x #OrdinaryMoments

  4. Aww he's just gorgeous, this is a beautiful post xxx #ordinarymoments


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