23 Weeks Old

Monday, July 13, 2015

Dear Zach,

This week you have been the most active you have ever been and it is so exciting watching you become so independent (and a little bit scary too!) You've learnt how to shuffle around on the floor in an attempt to crawl, and you've been getting up on all fours too. You're starting to try and climb, and this morning began rolling over in your crib and attempting to escape. It means we've finally had to order your cot bed as it's something we've been putting off for so long!

Your eczema is still looking so sore, and we're going to have to head back to the doctors and try something else as it's just not going away. You keep scratching it no matter what we do, and it's gotten worse on your arms and legs. You truly are a crusty baby!

This week we headed to your friend Zoe's first birthday party which was so lovely. You wore a shirt and shorts with a bow tie and braces - you looked so handsome! We then left you over night for the first time with your Omi whilst we were at your Great Uncle Clive and Aunt Dawn's wedding. It was a shame you couldn't be there, but we've learnt that keeping you up past your bedtime is not a good idea! You had a great time at your Omi's, and we had a great time at the wedding, but it was lovely to be reunited again in the morning little man!

Speaking of staying up past your bedtime, on Friday we went to the Big Weekend in Cambridge but had to leave early as you were getting sleepy and irritable! It was such a shame to have to go home, but definitely the right decision as you ended up becoming overtired and getting you to sleep was a battle. We've never had a bedtime routine as you were always so good at going to sleep, but recently with your sleep regression and varying bedtimes we might begin one. I wish I hadn't boasted about you sleeping through the night now, because you're back to waking several times in the night and it is a killer!

This week is another busy one, especially at the weekend with a birthday BBQ and a christening to go to! We can't wait to make more memories with you - we love you so much! Mummy and Daddy xxx

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