24 Weeks Old

Monday, July 20, 2015

Dear Zach,

This week has been absolutely crazy and you have changed so much! I wrote last week about how you'd been starting to shuffle around on the floor but now you can get across the carpet if there's something you want. You're so close to crawling and it feels way too soon - how can our little baby be growing up so much? You're also turning into a bit of a diva just like your mother and if you can't get to something you start whining!

You've spent every night this week sleeping in your own room as we couldn't let you sleep in your crib after you learnt to roll over in it and pull yourself up. It was so hard at first to spend the night without you right there with us, but actually I think we've all been sleeping a lot better. You had gotten into the habit of waking up a lot in the night after weeks of sleeping through. Now you're sleeping a lot longer and it means we're all a lot happier.

You've also started sitting for longer periods of time, whereby before you would fall over after a couple of seconds. I'm sure that you'll confidently be sitting in no time, and you've timed it perfectly as we're planning to start weaning properly over the next couple of weeks. Speaking of food, you've started paying more interest when we eat so we've been putting you in your highchair next to us while we eat dinner. We give you a few bits of food to play with and lick to get a feel for different tastes and textures before we give you food properly.

This week has been pretty busy socially too, with a birthday and a christening! We spent time with family for your Great Aunty Karen's birthday and we left you there to carry on the celebrations while we went to another birthday without you! You got to see your little cousin Lilah there, and it is so adorable to see you two together. You tried to stroke her hair and it was just the cutest thing! The next day we headed to a christening for another of your little friends and it was so sweet. Nothing better than happy celebrations in the summer sunshine!

This week is due to be a bit quieter, and it will be nice to spend some time together just as us three again! We love you so much our (not so) little baby, Mummy and Daddy xxx


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