25 Weeks Old

Monday, July 27, 2015

Dear Zach,

This is my last letter to you before you turn 6 months old on Sunday! We can't believe that it is almost half way through your first year, and want to treasure every moment that you're still our little baby! Time is of course absolutely flying, and you're changing so fast before our very eyes.

25 weeks old 1

This week you have started weaning which is so exciting! You have taken to it so well, and it makes us feel a lot better about you refusing your milk so often. Although we would definitely still like you to drink more as it's so important for your growth and your health. We tried you with some baby rice at first, but you weren't a massive fan. But purees is another story all together, and you absolutely love them! We're really enjoying seeing your reaction to new foods, and are so excited about starting this new journey with you.

25 weeks old

It hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows this week though, as you've been getting grumpier and grumpier each day. According to the wonder weeks app you're going through a 'leap', which is a growth spurt. You seem so unhappy with everything we do, and keeping you amused is so hard. Today has been the hardest day so far, and we're hoping that you go back to normal soon! We think you might also be teething, although we're not quite sure yet - I'm sure we'll find out pretty soon!

It's been a pretty quiet week for us with lots of days at home, although we have managed to get out and see some family and friends too. This week will be the same, as the weather's been a bit rubbish and daddy's been busy at the weekends! It's nice to have some time just relaxing at home though, as we're normally so busy! We love you little man, even when you're grumpy! Mummy and Daddy xxx

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