5 Things That Make Life Easier With A Newborn

Friday, July 17, 2015

When I was pregnant I knew that looking after a baby would be hard, but I figured that there were two of us versus a tiny newborn - surely it wouldn't be too bad! I was wrong though; the combination of exhaustion and overwhelming emotion makes those first few weeks pretty tough. We found that there were some things that made life easier, which either soothed Zach or saved us time, and were total lifesavers:

1. A Vibrating Chair* - Our friend Louise bought us one for Zach, and we couldn't be more grateful. It was an absolute lifesaver during those first few weeks as he would settle in it immediately, and helped us soothe him when he was crying. Because it's portable it means you can take it around the house with you and it gives you a place to put your baby so you can get on with something - perfect for when you need a shower!

2. The Sleepyhead Deluxe - This saved us when it came to night times as before we had it Zach wouldn't settle in his crib. It changed everything the first night we used it, and ever since he's been a pretty good sleeper (until now, sleep regression is killer!) If your baby is struggling to sleep in their bed I would definitely recommend this - we used it in a crib where it fitted perfectly, but it doesn't fit in a moses basket so please bear that in mind.

3. The Perfect Prep Machine - I had intended to breastfeed Zach, but that didn't work out so we moved on to using formula. After a few days we realised how long it takes to make a bottle up and decided that we needed the Perfect Prep in our lives. It saves so much time which is essential when you have a crying baby, and is especially helpful during the night when you want to be awake for as little time as possible!

4. Dummies/Soothers* - Before having Zach we weren't sure about whether to use dummies or not because of the huge debate surrounding them. Initially we didn't use them, but we found that Zach wasn't settling and was drinking milk just for the comfort of sucking on the teat so we decided to give them a go. It made a huge difference straight away, and we went from having a baby that cried a lot to one who was happy and content.

5. Sleep Sheep*/White Noise - When I was pregnant I bought a sleep sheep for our baby, and Jono told me that it was a massive waste of money. Fast forward to today and this was the item he said when I asked him what he would recommend for a newborn. Zach loves listening to the gentle sounds it plays, it helps him to fall asleep and lets him to know when it is bedtime. 

I hope that this helps anyone who has a newborn/is about to become a parent! 
If you already have children, what did you find made your life easier when they were a newborn?

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  1. Great list - I will definitely be looking into the sleepy head deluxe if I have a second baby! It felt as though ours hated her crib from the minute we bought her home - she just refused to be put to sleep. The Sleep sheep also sounds good - I also downloaded a few apps for white noise which were pretty useful. I wrote a similar post - 10 newborn essentials that will make your life easier: http://bit.ly/1SaAzUK Thanks for sharing x

    1. Go for it, it definitely helped us!! Zach hated the crib too! xx

  2. My sister is having a baby & intends to bottle feed. I suggested the prep machine & my mum has now got her one. I breastfed but would definitely have wanted one of those if making up formula - they're great! #TheList

    1. It is honestly such a life saver when it comes to bottle feeding!! xx


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