My Ultimate Bucket List

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I live my life with the belief that you only get one shot at it, so you should try and make the most of it while you can! I was tagged by Stacie from Parker and Me to write my ultimate bucket list, the things I would do if I money, jobs, children and so on were not an issue. Here is what I came up with:

1. See lemurs in the wild in Madagascar
2. Marry Jono and have a festival wedding
3. Fly in a hot air balloon
4. Go to Glastonbury
5. See the northern lights
6. Visit every continent
7. Swim with dolphins
8. Go to Disneyland
9. Own a Mulberry handbag
10. Go back to uni to do a masters degree
11. Publish a piece of my own research
12. Go to the Twin Peaks festival in Seattle with my dad
13. Own my own car
14. Learn how to sail
15. Go to Egypt to see the pyramids
16. Learn to speak another language (German!)
17. Live abroad and experience a new culture
18. Sleep under the stars
19. Take Zach to see father Christmas in Lapland
20. Go to Coachella
21. See Fleetwood Mac Live
22. Go to midnight mass at Christmas
23. Have a house without any magnolia walls
24. Work in a fulfilling job where I am helping people every day
25. Buy my mum a house in Germany
26. Have dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant
27. Fly in a helicopter
28. Visit all of the places I want to go in the world (too many too list)
29. Help house those who are homeless
30. Own a king size bed with crisp white sheets
31. Meet Ryan Gosling
32. Name a range of nail polishes by OPI
33. Have a Wikipedia page
34. Write a book
35. Go back to Nicaragua and visit Ometepe again.
36. Bake with Mary Berry
37. Take Zach to see the world
38. Own my own business
39. Go on a cruise
40. Be best friends with Taylor Swift
41. Go on safari
42. Watch the Thanksgiving Parade in New York City
43. Go to a Formula One race
44. Go on a photography course
45. Do the 3 Peaks challenge
46. Own a wardrobe filled with beautiful clothes
47. Ride a horse
48. Stay in an all inclusive hotel
49. Visit the deli from When Harry Met Sally
50. See RENT on Broadway

Thank you so much Stacie, I didn't realise there where quite so many things I wanted to do!
I tag Nicola from Nicola Says, Jade from Rasing the Rings, Ami from My Mummy Spam, Faye from Tales and Tea, Becky from Dear Twans With Love and Sophie from Mum, M and More!

What would be on your ultimate bucket list?

The Ultimate Bucket List


  1. Such a fab list! I would love to do so many, especially Lapland at Christmas!
    Thanks so much for the tag :)
    Becky LittleOandme

    1. Thank you! You're welcome, I look forward to reading yours! xx

  2. Great list and thank you for tagging me. We share some experiences! :-) xx

    1. Thank you Sophie! You're welcome, can't wait to see what's on yours! xx

  3. Chantal this is an excellent list and a few things are on mine (Egypt/living abroad) Really hoping life leads you on a path to be able to accomplish them all x

    1. Thank you so much Mary!! I hope you are able to do everything on yours too xx


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