{The Ordinary Moments} #17 - Growing Up

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Of course we all know that babies grow incredibly fast. One minute you have a helpless newborn, then you blink and suddenly they're sitting up drinking out of a sippy cup by themselves and you wonder what the hell happened. As a parent it's a bittersweet experience. You are so excited for each new milestone, but at the same time there is a tinge of sadness. A realisation that time is slipping by, and your baby wont be small for long.

This week Zach has developed so much that it feels overwhelming. There's been no time to stop and process how much he's changed as each day there's been something new for him to show us. It all began when we had to move him into his own room. Up until this week he had been in his crib, in our bedroom each night. I didn't want to move him until he was 6 months old, but then suddenly he learnt to roll in his bed and pull himself up on the side of the crib. It was time for him to go, and after we had put him down to sleep in his room I sat outside and cried. He may have been ready to go in his own room, but I wasn't ready to let him go.

But it didn't stop there. He learnt to sit up in his activity ring, and climb out of it. He began grabbing at our food when we ate, so we've been giving him a few bits of our dinner to play with each night to get him used to food before we start weaning in the next few weeks. And the biggest one of all, he's starting to crawl. He has by no means mastered it but he can shuffle his way across the room, climbing up on all fours and lunging his body forwards. Our boy can get around by himself, how did that happen?

It seems to have just happened over night, and this mama is just not ready to accept that my little baby is growing up! I want to hold on to each second that I can, and letting go is proving so hard. I finally understand why people have babies so close together - I want a squishy newborn again already even though we have no plans to have another baby soon, if ever! Gosh, being a parent is tough!

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  1. Oh I hear you lovely. This parenting malarkey is so bittersweet, we are so proud of their milestones and from experience each stage is even better than the last one, but that doesn't stop us mourning the stages they leave behind. I remember sobbing the night I put Mads in her own room too, such a big milestone. And well done, what a clever little boy crawling! x

    1. IT's just so hard to accept that they're not going to stay small forever isn't it?! Glad to hear it gets better each time though! xx

  2. Oh wow he is rattling through his milestones at speed isn't he! I may perhaps have kept my babies rather squished into their moses basket because I wasn't ready for them to be away from me - and now Pip sleeps with us half the night anyway - but it does feel so strange the first night without them!

    1. Too fast for my liking!! I really didn't want to let go but we've been getting so much more sleep now I'm not as fussed anymore! xx


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