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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Thank you so much to Becky from Little O and Me for nominating me to do the A-Z of me. I love reading these posts as you always find out such fascinating things about people - although I'm not sure I have anything that interesting to write about!

A - My favourite alcoholic drink is Malibu and Diet Coke.
B - I went to university in Bristol.
C - I grew up in Cambridge, and still live near by.
D - I lived with my Dad for a year when I turned 18.
E - I have a half sister called Evie who is 13 years younger than me.
F - I now watch Formula One since being with Jono.
G - I am half German.
H - I love the holidays, Christmas is my favourite.
I - I would be totally lost without my iPhone.
J - Jono is the love of my life.
K - Jono and I went kayaking a lot in the summer of 2014 before my bump got too big.
L - I am quite a lazy person, and love spending time snuggled in bed.
M - I lived with just my Mum for most of my life.
N - I went to Nicaragua to do charity work and it was one of the most amazing experiences.
O - I used to be a picky eater but now like pretty much everything apart from olives and fish.
P - My degree is in Psychology.
Q - I like doing pub quizzes although my general knowledge is abysmal.
R - I love cooking and baking and trying out new recipes.
S - I worked at Superdrug for five years during college and university.
T - I want to travel and explore as much of the world as I can.
U - During my final year of university I volunteered at a cafe serving homeless people.
V - I was vegetarian for four years as a teenager.
W - My favourite film is When Harry Met Sally.
X - I had an X-Ray when I broke a bone in my foot.
Y - I am totally obsessed with yoghurt - ones by The Collective are my favourite.
Z - Zachary is my little baby boy!

I tag Nicola from Nicola Says, Faye from Tales and Tea and Stacie from Parker and Me!


  1. Ah, loved this.You have done some amazing things, I would love to do some charity work over seas.

    1. Thank you! Definitely do it - best experience ever! xx

  2. Oh I love this, so interesting! How cool that you worked in Nicaragua. I have a charity in Africa that I would love to volunteer for one is on my bucket list. I can't believe I have only just got round to having a read of this....Thanks for the nomination hun! I am now going to head over to try and do mine! x

    1. It was such an amazing experience!! Let me know when you've finished it - I can't wait to have a read! xx


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