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Friday, August 28, 2015

Hitchin Lavender Field

Over the past month I have seen so many beautiful photos of lavender fields (check out Katie's!) we decided we would head to Hitchin Lavender to see it for ourselves! After going slightly the wrong way (Chantal-nav is not always accurate) we finally made it to the farm. It was so exciting to get a first glimpse at the beautiful field of purple, such a contrast to the corn fields next to it. We stopped and had a little picnic first, sat in the boiling heat and surrounded by wasps! After thinking we'd lost the go pro, walking back to the car, and then back to the benches, and back to the car again Jono found it and we were off to the lavender!

We headed off with a pair of scissors and a bag to cut some to take home with us, which is now sat proudly in a vase next to our TV. We walked up between the rows of lavender breathing in the sweet smell and watching the bees as they went to each flower - it really is magical, and if you have a lavender field near you I would definitely recommend going! It was getting really hot though, and Zach was definitely not enjoying the heat or the bright sun. He also wasn't impressed when we got the camera out and started trying to take some family photos!

Before heading home we had a wander over to the sunflower field which was lovely, and we picked one to take home with us. Zach had a little bit of a sit down and a stretch in the corn field next to us, and of course sat there trying to eat all of the straw he could get his hands on! Although it was lovely, we think that next year will be a lot easier as Zach will be walking by then and can explore the field too. We also plan to go a little earlier in the year when the flowers are at their brightest, as by the time we went it was almost the end of the season. I'll leave you with our photos from the day:

Zachy & Daddy
Zach on daddy's back
Zach & Mummy
Family Selfie
Family 2
Zach in the straw
Zach in the straw field


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos of you and the family. This place isn't far from me, I really would like to go! xx

    1. Thank you Alex! Definitely go but I think it will be nicer next year as it's the end of the season now! xx


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