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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aldi Mamia Range

Although my blog may be called Milk and Nappies, I have only ever written about milk, but never about nappies. Today this is about to change! When Aldi contacted me* asking if I was interested in trying some products from their award winning Mamia baby range I jumped at the chance. I have heard so many great things about their products, especially their nappies, and I couldn't wait to give them a go! I had high expectations, and I definitely haven't been let down.

nappies, wipes and toiletries

The Nappies, Wipes & Toiletries

It is the nappies from the Mamia range which are the most popular item, as they offer great quality for a really low price. I have heard so much about them, but apart from one packet when Zach was a newborn we haven't really used them, and I was excited to put them to the test. We have tried pretty much every brand of nappies there are, and I was interested to see how these would compare to our favourites. To us the most important aspects are absorbency and comfort and thankfully they surpassed our expectations. We have previously had issues with other supermarket brand nappies leaking at night, but with these we have had no problems. They fit really well, and you can tell that they are good quality - I am definitely impressed with these and will continue using them! They are also really good value for money as a pack of around 50 nappies costs about £4 (price varies depending on size and quantity).

The wipes are soft and moist - everything you want from a baby wipe really! There's nothing magical about them, but they do exactly what it says on the tin. At 59p per pack you can't go wrong! I'm afraid that we won't be able to try the bath products with Zach as his eczema is too severe for us to use them. I will however pass them on to his Aunty Holly who I'm sure will be able to let me know what she thinks of them in the future! They retail at 79p per bottle which is an absolute bargain!

food and drink

The Baby Food & Drink

I'm a little ashamed to say that so far I haven't made a single puree from scratch for Zach, instead opting to buy them pre-made in pouches. I love how easy and convenient they are, although they do start to add up and it can get quite expensive. I was so excited to see that Aldi had sent me some of their puree pouches to try as we haven't had them before and they are much lower priced than the ones we usually buy. Retailing at just 59p per pouch they are incredibly affordable, whilst still being 100% organic. The ingredients are simple - just fruit and vegetables with a dash of lemon juice to keep things fresh. After trying them out I can safely say that Zach is a fan after devouring his lunch and dinner - I'm off to stock up on some more of these! My only complaint regarding these would be that the range is very limited, and I would like to see a few more flavours, especially savoury ones.

Aldi also sent us some baby juice which is not something I have ever given Zach before or ever really even thought about buying. I always worried that they would be full of sugar, and although this does contain sugar, it is the natural sugar from the juice. I was happy to read that again the ingredients were simple - just fruit juice and water with no added sugar. The juice tasted great, and although it was nice to try, it's not something we would usually buy as Zach is quite happy with water.


Overall I think that the whole Mamia range is really good value for money, and I would definitely recommend the products that we have tried. The nappies were really good quality, especially when you consider the price, and I intend to continue using these on future. The purees were excellent, and I plan to go and stock up on these as they are so much cheaper than the leading brand. I think that the quality of all the products in the Mamia range are excellent, and far better than I had expected considering the low price. I am off to Aldi now to stock up on some more bits!

*Aldi kindly sent me these products to review, however all opinions are my own.


  1. We use Aldi wipes, and their nappies for nighttime - they are bombproof!! Haven't tried the food yet, but definitely think I will invest in the pure apple pouches for out and about x

    1. They're really handy Faye and such a bargain! I need to go and stock up on some more! xx


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