{The Ordinary Moments} #19 - Half A Year

Monday, August 03, 2015


I've written before about the things I didn't expect when it came to having a baby, but the one thing I knew would happen was that time would fly. It's something you hear from every mother, but until you experience it yourself you just can't understand just how fast it goes. I remember when Zach was a newborn people kept saying "enjoy every second, it goes so fast" and it annoyed me so much. Having a newborn is such hard work and I definitely wasn't loving every aspect of it. I wanted to scream at people "I hope you enjoy every second when you're dealing with a screaming baby at 3am". But then I blinked, and my newborn baby had disappeared.

Sunday marked Zach turning 6 months old. Half a year. Halfway to his first birthday. How are we here already?

Now when I see mums with newborns I too want to tell them to enjoy every second because it goes so fast. To hold on to every moment you get with that tiny helpless baby because before you know it they will be crawling around acting all independent and you will wonder what happened. I get it now, and I wish I had listened. I'm trying so hard to memorise everything, capture the best moments, document what I can. I know now just how fast the next 6 months will go.

So, this week I'm not writing a weekly letter to my boy because for once I'm at a loss with words.

I want to tell him to slow down, that I'm not ready to let go just yet. But that's not fair to him, he needs to grow.
I want to tell him how my heart aches when I see a newborn. How I wish he was still so small. But that would mean I don't love the way he is now, and I do so much.
I want to tell him to fall asleep in my arms again, just one more time. So I can hold him close to me and breathe in his sweet smell. So I can remember what it was like not so long ago when my arms were his cradle and my heartbeat his lullaby. But he's happier when he has space to stretch and roll.
I want to tell him that it's been the best six months of my life, and it definitely has. But I think, the best is yet to come.

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  1. That face, how sweeeeeet! it really does fly by when you're having the most fun being a Mama to your littles. bittersweet :( x x

    1. Haha thank you! Time is just flying by and it is SO bittersweet! xx


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