{The Ordinary Moments} #20 - Our Family

Monday, August 10, 2015

Our family

Six months ago when I gave birth to Zach he joined Jono and I to make us into our own little family. He made us parents, and turned our two into a three ready to take on this crazy life together. Ready to make memories, new traditions and explore the world. Ready to love each other fiercely, cry together when times get tough and support each other no matter what.

But although we three make a family together, our trio is part of something much bigger. Zach has joined not just us, but our own families, the ones we grew up in ourselves. There’s my small but crazy bunch that live here in England, as well as those who live in Germany. And there’s Jono’s family that is much bigger than mine, but still so close. Zach has parents and grandparents and great grandparents as well as aunts and uncles, and even a younger cousin. 

So many people who all love him so much.

This weekend we made the most of the sun and headed out to spend time with some of the family who we love so much. On Saturday we drove down to Suffolk to spend the day with Zach's grandparents and great aunt and uncle at Ickworth House. We had a lovely time wandering through the house and the grounds, as well as stopping for a (vegan!) picnic on the lawn. Sunday saw us heading back to Cambridgeshire for a trip to Wimpole Home Farm with Zach's grandad and aunty Evie. We had another picnic (can you have too many when the weather is this gorgeous?!) and saw all of the animals as well as sitting on tractors big and small.

As we drove home we sat and reflected, realising that weekends like this one are just the best. Days spent with the people that we love out in the fresh air with no signal on our phones. Making new memories, eating outdoors and drinking wine in the afternoon. We feel so lucky to live so close to so much of our family, and so grateful that Zach is surrounded by such great people and so much love. We really couldn't ask for more.

Zach Nanny And Grandpa
Zach and Nanny Square
Zach and Grandpa Square
zach and grandad
zach grandad and aunty evie

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  1. What gorgeous pics Chantal. Its so exciting that when they come in to the world they have so much love to be encompassed in and people to get to know. We too had a great weekend with family, its lovely isn't it? x

    1. Thank you Mary! It's such a lovely feeling knowing that there's so many people who love the little person you created! There's nothing better than family fun in the sun! xx

  2. Ah such a lovely post Chantal and it looks like you have a wonderful family with lots of love and happiness around you. xx

  3. Family is definitely one of the most important and precious things in life. It sounds like Zach has a wonderful family and it sounds like a great weekend! x


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