{The Ordinary Moments} #22 - Motor Sport

Sunday, August 23, 2015

whilton mill

When you become a couple life shifts a bit. Every day, as you learn more about each other, you begin to share your interests and passions until something you knew nothing about becomes your new ordinary. Jono is now far more aware about this online world that we're now becoming part of. He's there when I read other blogs and watch YouTube videos, and I'm pretty sure he secretly loves watching The Michalaks every Sunday! He indulges me in our little family photo shoots, and helps me when I get stuck with HTML. He even knows who Zoella is. It's all pretty normal in our house.

Pre-Jono my knowledge of motor sport was seriously limited. I knew who Michael Schumacher was, purely because when you named a person that in Rollercoaster Tycoon they always won on the go karts. Formula 1 was something that my next-door neighbour watched religiously, but to me it was just cars going round and round and round. I loved playing Colin McRae Rally '04 on my PS2, but I knew nothing about the cars - I just chose the prettiest one! It just wasn't really part of my life.

But for Jono, motor sport is a passion that runs so deep in his blood. It is something I couldn't avoid when we began to live together, and actually, I'm pretty glad of that. Because you see, it turns out that actually I enjoy watching Formula 1. I love the drama, the suspense and following the rivalry between the drivers. I've realised it's not just as simple as driving around the track, but that skill and tactics are really important. And I really enjoy sharing Jono's interest and understanding where his love for it comes from.

But it's not just watching motor sport that Jono loves, it's the driving itself too. This month we have headed off to two different karting tracks as he has taken part in a couple of races. I think it's going to become a regular thing, which means that I will officially become a karting wag! Standing there watching as he drove around the track I realised that one day we could be stood in the same spot watching Zach. You see Jono has inherited his love for motor sport from his dad, and Zach may do the same. And you never know, one day my little boy might be the first ginger racing driver!

Jono Whilton Mill

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  1. I love that you had only heard of Michael Schumacher because of Rollercoaster Tycoon! My husband has zero interest in my blog, but that's fine because I couldn't care less about Xbox games! #OrdinaryMoments

  2. What a lovely hobby to enjoy together and well done you for supporting his passions! My husband supports my blog and passions so much, he's definitely a keeper. xx

    1. I think it's really important to support each other xx

  3. It's lovely when pastimes get passed down the generations and I'm sure you will one day be standing there cheering Zach on. Lovely post! x

  4. It is interesting what different things you bring into each other lives and what ends up being the norm, you are so right. Motor sport is a new one though not seen that, looks cool. Its been football in this relationship haha x


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