Vegan August | Week 1

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

vegan august

It is official, we've given up all animal products and are calling this month 'Vegan August' in our house. We've hidden the mayo, stocked up on vegetables and completed the first week of our 31 day challenge. It's something we've been planning for a couple of months since my meat loving partner came home and surprised me by proclaiming he wanted to give being vegan a go, just for one month. He'd heard that being vegan makes you feel amazing, and I figured that I would definitely last longer out of the two of us so the challenge was on!

We spent the last two weeks of July eating mostly as vegetarians to prepare for vegan August. It's something that I actually find quite easy because I was a vegetarian for several years when I was younger, but being vegan is another thing entirely. We were both not looking forward to giving up cheese and chocolate! We also weren't really sure exactly what we could and couldn't eat, imagining living entirely off fruit and vegetables. We have been pleasantly surprised to find out that there are a lot of things such as crisps and biscuits that are actually vegan that you wouldn't expect, such as oreos, bourbons and even prawn cocktail crisps!

Our meals from week 1:

Saturday: tomato and basil pasta
Sunday: picnic bits - pitta bread, crisps, salad, houmous, roasted vegetables, etc.
Monday: mushroom, leek and pea risotto
Tuesday: lentil, cauliflower and sweet potato curry
Wednesday: chunky vegetable pasta
Thursday: vegan sausages, cous cous and chilli baked beans
Friday: picnic bits - as above!

So far we haven't found it too difficult, and it has been quite fun trying out new recipes and eating differently than how we normally do. We have consumed copious amounts of pitta bread, houmous and cous cous for lunches and some dinners, and made two batches of vegan brownies for a sweet treat! We've found that whilst you can still eat unhealthy snacks, our meals include a lot more vegetables than they usually do. They are the focus of the meal instead of meat or dairy, and it means that we've been getting our 5 a day every day. We feel like we have more energy and are less bloated than normal, and have both lost a little bit of weight although nothing major.

Next week we want to try some more complex recipes, as well as tackle going out to eat. Whilst being vegan at home is relatively easy, eating out might be a bit harder as most restaurants don't cater specifically for vegans. Check back  next week to find out how we get on!

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