Vegan August | Week 2

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

vegan august week 2

We have now completed our second week as vegans as we continue our 'Vegan August' challenge. This is the point where we figured we would feel the biggest difference both in terms of health and missing non-vegan food! We have found that we are eating a lot more vegetables than we usually do, and both feel as though we have more energy than normal which is great! We are however seriously missing dairy, and would do some pretty shady things for some cheese right now.

Our meals from week 2:

Saturday: beetroot, barley and split-pea burger at The Veggie Red Lion in Suffolk
Sunday: sundried tomato pesto pasta
Monday: mushroom and refried bean fajitas
Tuesday: vegan sausages, cous cous and baked beans
Wednesday: mushroom, leek, pea and spinach risotto
Thursday: chunky vegetable pasta
Friday: tomato and bean casserole with rice and greens

This week's meals were pretty similar to the week before, and next week I plan to get more creative in the kitchen! I baked a vegan lemon and blueberry drizzle cake which was delicious, and definitely made up for the lack of cake/biscuits/chocolate that we can eat! Although we did have one meal out it was at a vegan friendly restaurant, so next week we plan to go somewhere we would normally go instead! The biggest downfall of the past week for me has to come down to one thing  - Oreos. They are probably my favourite biscuit of all time, and they also happen to be vegan! I just can't stop eating them - especially the double stuff ones!

Check back next week to find out how we get on!


  1. All sounds AMAZING - Id love the recipe for the fajitas?? I think that vegan eating is really easy and delic x

    1. It's definitely a lot easier than I thought it would be! But I still really miss cheese! I will message you about the fajitas! xx


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