Zachary At Six Months Old

Monday, August 17, 2015

zach at Ickworth

Hates having his face wiped, and will scream as if he is being tortured if you try to get puree out of his nose!

Can sit up by himself

Loves eating fruit, but doesn't mind vegetables

Hates baby rice, baby porridge and any milk related purees such as macaroni and cheese

Has very dry skin and eczema on his face and in his creases

Sleeps in his own room

Can almost crawl - he can get from one side of the room to the other easily and quickly by himself!

His favourite vegetables are peas, and his favourite fruit is mango

Loves splashing about in the bath!

Can pull himself up to standing on things such as the sofa, coffee table and even the towel rack in our bathroom!

Has 3 meals a day

Wakes up once a night for milk even though he used to sleep through

He is a small baby weighing less than 15lbs and still fitting comfortably in his 3-6 month clothes

Loves to blow raspberries

Has a mix of purees and finger foods, however has started refusing puree!

Rolls over and struggles to get away when we change his nappy

Hates being made to sit or lie still and would rather be on the move at all times!

Has 2-3 naps a day

Likes having his head massaged and  his forehead rubbed

Loves watching the washing machine

Is the most amazing little boy in the whole wide world!

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