20 Totally Random Facts About Me

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Zach & Mummy

I've written a few posts like this where I've shared some information about myself that you might not have known from reading my blog alone. I love reading similar posts on other blogs because I feel you really get to know the person behind the writing, and I think it's so fun to find out little details about people. This post is going to be smaller details, so you can get to know my weird quirky habits!

1. I don't like having uneven hands. If one is wet the other has to be too, and so on! If I'm testing the temperature of the bath I have to do it with both hands!

2. My favourite foods are fajitas (using the Old El Paso smoky BBQ seasoning), cottage pie, spaghetti hoops and malt loaf with anchor butter.

3. I've never had my nails done because the idea of having the top of my nails filed makes me feel sick.

4. I don't like Radley bags because I don't like dogs! *hides from all dog and Radley lovers*

5. I keep every issue of Ideal Home so that if we ever buy a house I can use them for interior inspiration.

6. My favourite author is Jodi Picoult, and my favourite book of hers is The Storyteller.

7. I don't eat fish apart from tinned tuna and cod.

8. At university after a night out I once drunkenly made a roast dinner and sat eating it at 2am!

9. My favourite director is Baz Luhrmann, the colour and warmth of his films makes me so happy.

10. One of my biggest regrets is not learning German when I was a child (I'm half German).

11. I love watching documentaries, especially when they're about serial killers or death row.

12. I still have my first birthday card from my parents and I hope to keep the one we give Zach so he can keep it forever too.

13. If I hadn't fallen pregnant (it was a massive surprise!) Jono & I would have traveled through Central and South America. We hope to go when Zach is older and take him with us!

14. I watch Netflix with the subtitles on because I can't hear very well (although the doctor says my ears are fine).

15. I really really hate earwigs!

16. Siri calls me Princess Chantal.

17. I kill all laptops - I have been through so many and now I'm using Jono's!

18. I passed my driving test a few months ago but have only driven twice since!

19. I can't drink coffee even though I like it because just half a mug makes me feel sick and dizzy, although I have no issues with other caffeinated drinks.

20. When I smile my eyes get squished by my cheeks and I think I look like Michael McIntyre!

Let me know a totally random fact or two about you in the comments below, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Love the random list of facts - especially that ones about you not liking your hands to be uneven and having to test the bath with both hands, and the fact that you drunkenly made a roast dinner and ate it at 2am. Brilliant! :-)

    1. Thank you Louise!! I thought they were quite funny!! xx

  2. I can't get my nails done because the nail files are like sandpaper which is totally wrong and the thought of it makes my teeth go funny!! I am a good cook, even drunk at 2am, but I learnt not to try and eat spaghetti at a drunken 2am, it takes ages to get out of your hair. I don't kill my laptops but I am convinced they all are conspiring to kill me gggrrrrr. I like being lost when I'm driving. I still jump in puddles whenever possible and try to get random people to join me.

    1. Oh I didn't know I would be "Unknown", I'm actually Ruth, your mum's friend and I love your posts, thank you.

    2. I'm so glad I'm not alone when it comes to having nails done - I hate sandpaper too! Bleugh! I will remember not to eat spaghetti when drunk so thank you for that tip! And thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I'm so glad you like what I write! I still find it a bit odd that anyone reads my ramblings but I'm glad they do and I really enjoy it! xx

    3. Also I like jumping in puddles too! xx

  3. Stay away from my laptop then! ha ha. Poor you not being allowed coffee. I think I would cry! Lovely post and good to know more about you :) Jess xx


    1. Haha but then how will I blog?! ;) I'm trying to build up a tolerance at the moment, but it definitely makes me feel funny! Thank you so much! xx


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