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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

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When I fell pregnant Jono and I lived in a room in a shared house, and we had to move out pretty sharpish! We managed to find our beautiful little house, which is full of character and perfect for our small family. We've been here for nearly a year now, and over that time we've been buying things for the house which have been necessities. When we moved in we had limited furniture, so that took priority, but now we've almost got the basics down I want to start adding some more decorative pieces.

I've added a few lights to this wishlist because as we're starting to head towards autumn/winter I want to start getting things to make our home look pretty and cosy during the darker months. I've cheated a little as I actually bought the star light from Primark a few days ago, but at just £10 it is a total steal and I wanted to share it with you.

I've had my eye on the lighbox for a while now, and I love that you can change what it says! I think I'd have a lot of fun thinking of different sayings to put on it! I'd love the to put blankets in the copper basket, ready for getting cosy on the sofa when it's chilly. I think the rug would look great in our living room or our bedroom and the bath mat is there because our one needs replacing! I did look at ordering it though but Zara Home charges £10 for delivery so going to wait until I'm near a store!

What is on your home wishlist?


  1. Urgh! This is such a struggle, I love all those things but I don't really need anything. It's so sad that unlike a wardrobe with home stuff when you're done you're done. Maybe I could have winter and summer home looks...

    1. Haha I always think it would be fun to change everything in your house according to season! xx

  2. I love that copper basket! I only recently found out that H&M do home stuff and now I am a bit obsessed (although I only window shop at the mo as I am skint haha!) x

    1. Oh me too Faye!! It all looks so good, just need to wait until pay day! xx


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