The House With The Red Door

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Standing in a terrace on a road in Cambridge stands a house with a red door. It looks like just any ordinary house, but to us it's anything but. It's where we met, where we decided to become a couple, where we first lived together and where I fell pregnant with our little baby boy. It's the house where some of our closest friends live, where we've had the craziest parties and laughed the hardest we ever have. It was our home, long before we lived there, and even now we've left.

My best friend Louise is at the heart of the story, because without her I would never have set foot in the house where my life was changed forever. One night after work we headed back to hers to get ready for a night out, but instead we ended up spending the evening partying with her housemate and his friends. It was the beginning of a summer filled with late nights and drinking games, and the most fun I have ever had.

In the room next to Louise lived Jess, a girl who I successfully embarrassed myself in front of the first night I met her by getting so drunk I didn't make it out that night. But, somehow she saw past that and we became friends. And then that summer, at her birthday party, I met her brother. We bonded over a Mighty Boosh joke and a Panic! At The Disco Song, and that's where our love story began!

Fast forward to autumn, and at our annual Halloween party Jono and I 'officially' became a couple. Despite living four hours apart whilst I was at uni in Bristol and he was living in Suffolk we survived, and the house with the red door continued to play a part in our lives. Jono moved in after Jess left to go travelling, we spent Christmas day there with Louise, and when I finished uni I moved in too.

In that house we've played dream phone, seen someone fall down the stairs naked, been involved in a gravy fight, had countless barbecues with Adam's homemade burgers, sung Paramore at the top of our lungs, played beer pong, toasted marshmallows on the gas hobs, danced on the chairs, worn many fancy dress outfits, seen a stripper and made a whole Christmas dinner on one shelf in the oven and two hobs.

It was in that very house, shortly after I moved in, that I found out that I was pregnant with our little boy. I remember so clearly taking the pregnancy test, and thinking that it was faulty rather than positive! It changed everything, and meant that we had to move out far sooner than we had expected. But moving out didn't mean saying goodbye, and although we don't live in the city any more, we're still there almost every week. In fact, even the night I was induced Jono was sleeping on the sofa in the conservatory! Although we don't live there anymore, it's still home and I think in some ways it always will be.

(I thought I'd share some of the many photos taken over our time at the house with the red door! Not the best quality, but they hold the best memories!)

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