{The Ordinary Moments} #24 - A Trip To The Park

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Zach on the swing

When it comes to 'firsts' we've been rattling through them at a rate of knots and it's safe to say my tiny baby is becoming a cheeky little boy right before my eyes! This week has been a long one in our house, as Zach cut his first two teeth and hasn't been feeling too great. I'm sure it must be so painful, and team that with the cold he's had and it's not been a recipe for fun. The only silver lining for me has been lots of cuddles with my boy who usually won't sit still. He's always off crawling somewhere or pulling himself up on the furniture and generally just getting into some sort of mischief. He may only be 7 months old but I'm sure he knows when he's doing something he shouldn't as he stops, looks at me and laughs!

By Sunday our little monkey was starting to feel a little better. He was no longer sulking and feeling sorry for himself and seemed almost back to normal apart from a very runny nose! We headed over to my dad's house to see him and my little sister, which is our usual Sunday routine. It is something we do almost every week, and Zach absolutely loves seeing his Grandad and Aunty. We tend to spend the day at home, chatting, playing and baking. This week though, after weeks of rainy Sundays, the sun shone and we decided to head to the park.

It wasn't just any old trip to the park, it was Zach's first time and we couldn't wait to see how he would react. We've been talking about taking him for a few weeks now, but me being the sentimental soul that I am, I wanted to wait for a time when both Jono and I could be there. I wanted to be able to capture those memories together, and share the joy of watching our little boy on the swings for the very first time! And I'm so glad we waited because it was perfect.

We took Zach on the see-saw, the roundabout and Jono even took him down the big 'curly wurly' slide, but it was the swings that were the most exciting. They were the one thing that Zach was able to go on alone, and the thing I had been most looking forward to. I am pretty sure that I was more excited than he was, but seeing him sat there with a grin on his face was just the most amazing moment. I couldn't believe that we had made this little boy who was sitting in the swing looking so grown up. I don't think I could be prouder of my little boy, and I just can't wait to take him to the park again! 

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  1. Aww! When did he get so big!! The three of you look so happy together, it's a beautiful photo :)

  2. He looks so big on that swing! Such a cheeky face! Love his jacket x

    1. He does doesn't he! I feel like he's suddenly grown into a boy and there's only a little bit of baby left! xx

  3. Aw that first trip to the park is so exciting and it looks like you picked a lovely sunny day for it. I still remember Mads so clearly too, although oops I can't remember LL's. LL adores the swings too, I am glad he enjoyed his first visit. Sorry it has taken me so long to come and read your post, it's been a bit of a crazy week here this week! xx


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