Charity Shop Finds - October '15

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I did one of these posts way back in April, and I thought I would do another one because this month I've found some really great bits in the charity shops. I pop in to our local ones quite often because we are always trying to de-clutter and often have bags of things to give away. There is a spot in our hall way which seems to permanently have bags of things on their way out of the house!

This month I was on the hunt for some new toys for Zach. He's gotten bored of all of his soft toys now and I knew it was time to get some ugly plastic toys in our house! Buying baby things can get pretty expensive, and I knew I didn't want to spend a lot on toys so kept an eye out in the charity shops. I found some great bargains, and after a quick wipe over and some new batteries they are as good as new.

charity shop october

I found this retro phone by Fisher Price and I just had to get it! It is an absolute classic and perfect for Zach as it has wheels which is something he loves on a toy. At just a couple of pounds it was an absolute steal, and I'm sure it will be played with for a long time yet.

Recently we went to our friends' house and they had a V-Tech Crawl and Learn Ball which Zach really enjoyed playing with so when I spotted one in a charity shop I knew I had to get it! He loves it, although it does make some very suggestive comments "pushhh meee" which make Jono and I laugh.

Finally I spotted this checked Gap Baby shirt for Zach. It is a couple of sizes too big at the moment, but I love the design and it something he will grow into. It was one of those things where I saw it and just knew we had to get it!

What do you think to our finds? Do you buy things for your kids from the charity shops?


  1. You cannot beat that Fisher Price phone! We have one and absolutely love it! Great charity shop find x

  2. We have both of those toys! My mum scored the Vtech ball in a bootfair for £1. I got Parker two Vtech toys the other day - a spinning ocean friends one and a builders tool bench with hammer - both for £2 each! Gotta love a good bargain :) xx


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