Making Our House A Home

Monday, October 05, 2015

We've lived in our house for one year now and I can't quite believe it's been that long already! Previously we lived in one room in a shared house, so moving into our two bedroom house meant we needed a lot of things. We were really lucky that our family helped us out massively, and we were able to furnish our house quickly. It did mean though that the things we bought were on a budget, and we are still finishing off the rooms to our taste. I thought I would share the little things we are doing to make our house more of a home.

One thing that is a really budget friendly option but that really makes a difference is house plants. We have quite a few in our house, and I always seem to be coming home with more. I really love seeing so much green around our house, I think it makes it look so much more homely. We have a lot of cacti and succulents as they are harder to kill, but so far I've kept all of our other plants alive too! The next one I want is an Aloe Vera as I love how they look. I really like buying house plants from IKEA as they have a really great selection at really reasonable prices, so next time you are there make sure you check them out!

Our house was a total empty shell when we moved in, and it meant that we had no curtains or blinds. To be completely honest we spent the first month or two with blankets pegged over our windows! Our bathroom has a huge window and looks straight out onto the main road. When we moved in it had a curtain pole, but we wanted to have a blind in there and have just installed one from Wilko which is perfect. I personally really like blinds and have got my eye on some from VELUX. They have so many colours to choose from, and I'd love some of their blackout blinds. I think they make a massive difference when you're trying to sleep and I love being in a dark room anyway. I will happily sit in our house with all the blinds and curtains shut which really annoys Jono. I think that the reason I like winter so much is because it's dark for longer!

We'd also like to get some rugs for our house to make it a little more cosy. We have quite a large living room with a very boring beige carpet so would live to get something to make it look a bit nicer. It would be perfect timing as our house gets really cold in winter, and I always think that rugs make a massive difference as they keep your feet a bit warmer. John Lewis have a great selection of rugs, and I especially love the ones they stock my West Elm. I would probably furnish my entire house from West Elm (if I won the lottery!) as I love all of their designs.

What is your favourite thing to make your house feel more like a home?


  1. It's looking lovely! My favourite thing to make a house a home is candles! I'm obsessed! I always have at least one Yankee candle on the go and the familiar smells make it feel so homely xx

    1. Yankee are definitely my favourite! Love having lots of candles! xx

  2. It looks lovely - I love rugs and soft furnishings too and trying to introduce some prints into the home too x

    1. I really need to get some rugs - we don't have any!! xx


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